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I found the Acro to have a welcome combination of front-pointing exactness and comfort... the shoes felt just as solid when smearing against opposing tufa features thanks in part to their ample flex and sensitivity. View more

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So iLL

Runner    $64


Sensa    $69

The low profile toe makes the Moccasyms best suited to crack climbing hand sized or bigger at Indian Creek, and once these shoes stretch out, they're nice for all day easy scrambles, or training in the gym. Their lack of stiffness and support will make your toes strong.  View more

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... an excellent choice for bouldering outdoors and indoors. It manages to retain the advantages of a soft shoe - sensitivity, maximum contact and flexion - whilst maintaining enough stiffness and precision to perform well on edges, as you would expect from a stiffer shoe. View more

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Agro    $98

It is a real boss when it comes to overhanging climbing and is a must have for anyone who specializes in toe hooks or engaging steep bouldering/sport climbing terrain. View more

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Oasi    $104

The Oasi performs really well on steep ground, with the softer sole really allowing you to pull your weight in onto your feet, even on smaller foot holds. View more

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Drago    $117

I’ve found them to be soft, comfortable while also sensitive and precise... But best of all I am feeling things. View more

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A high performance tool that is geared toward sending steep routes with small, smeary foot holds that you really need to be able to feel underfoot to stand on confidently. View more

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The La Sportiva Testarossa 2.0 is a great sport climbing and bouldering shoe for terrain requiring edging, pocket stabbing, and pulling the hips in. And the updated heel rectifies the main weakness of the original. View more

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Satori    $97

... a secret weapon which excel at poor footholds on steep ground, although this comes at a sacrifice of performance on other angles. View more

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Steep, with poor feet. That’s the name of the game for the Furia S. Use them on anything else and it’s like driving your Ferrari to the supermarket. You could, but why would you? View more

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I was surprised at how easily (and confidently) I could stand on small bumps and smears as I worked out the technical sequences. View more

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... a great entry into aggressive performance shoes for kids with growing feet. The performance is worlds better than the intermediate climbing shoes we tested, and the P3 platform gives it just the right amount of downturn. Many women with small feet love it for the price and the softness with the same technical features they've grown to love in the adult model. View more

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