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I was surprised at how easily (and confidently) I could stand on small bumps and smears as I worked out the technical sequences. In Maple Canyon, they excelled on the steep, slick cobbles, and something you generally hear across the board from people who’ve worn them is that they smear very well, though I do think they feel a tad bit stiffer than the Futuras. I love how precise they feel for steep sport climbing, and of course the red and yellow is just fun. Splitter Choss

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 BananaFingers   $120.09

 Steep & Cheap   $134.95

 EpicTV   $134.95

 Backcountry   $134.95

 Outdoorplay   $156.00

 Camp Saver   $195.00

 La Sportiva   $195.00

 Alpenglow   $195.00

 GearX   $195.00

 OMCgear   $195.00

 Gear Coop   $195.00

 Bentgate   $195.00


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