Synergy $110

... an excellent choice for bouldering outdoors and indoors. It manages to retain the advantages of a soft shoe - sensitivity, maximum contact and flexion - whilst maintaining enough stiffness and precision to perform well on edges, as you would expect from a stiffer shoe. In addition it's comfortable, albeit fairly high volume and, whilst specifically a bouldering shoe, it's a great choice for any rock (or plastic) type... Although the Synergy does not have a midsole it does feature 'Boreal's Wrap Rand tension system'. This is a rubber strip which runs around the back of the heel and under the middle of the foot. This provides additional support (welcome in a shoe with no midsole) and creates extra tension from the heel to the midsole. This extra tension transfers lots of power to the toe and the heel. UKC

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 EpicTV   $110.04

 BananaFingers   $112.73

 Backcountry   $127.46

 Steep & Cheap   $127.46


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