Drago $117

I’ve found them to be soft, comfortable while also sensitive and precise... But best of all I am feeling things. I’m like the old spinster who has long given up on love only to be swept off her feet in time to glide into her fulfilling golden years with a heart full of feelings once thought lost. I remember the first time I felt a heel hook. Not the first time I ungainly draped my hoof on a hold, still taking all my weight on my arms. I mean the first time I placed the heel and turned the toes out and down to engage my mighty buttocks and hamstring. It was a revelation. Vertical Life

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 BananaFingers   $116.87

 Trekkinn   $151.45

 EpicTV   $188.95

 Gear Coop   $188.95

 Backcountry   $188.95

 Camp Saver   $189.00

 Bentgate   $199.95


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