Acro (Narrow) $62

I found the Acro to have a welcome combination of front-pointing exactness and comfort... the shoes felt just as solid when smearing against opposing tufa features thanks in part to their ample flex and sensitivity... However, the shoes really came into their own on the wildly overhanging cliffs of Chonta. While climbing in this gigantic limestone amphitheater, the downturned and hooked toe allowed me to use my feet more like hands; I was able to pull inward on tufa blobs or strangely shaped pockets and reduce the strain on my arms much more efficiently than I could with the other kicks I had packed. Training Beta

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 AppOutdoors   $61.60

 Camp Saver   $111.93

 Alpenglow   $159.90

 EpicTV   $159.90

 Backcountry   $159.90

 Gear Coop   $159.90

 GearX   $159.90


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