Furia S $122

Steep, with poor feet. That’s the name of the game for the Furia S. Use them on anything else and it’s like driving your Ferrari to the supermarket. You could, but why would you?... The Furia S is a very specific tool. This will not be the shoe you wear every day, or warm up in, and I wouldn’t want to waste its rubber in the gym (if gym climbing is your main thing, then you may feel differently and these will probably excel at volume hopping). If you climb regularly anywhere with steep rock and small, smeary footholds, these shoes will shine and you should consider add them to your kit. Splitter Choss

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 BananaFingers   $122.18

 Trekkinn   $155.95

 Backcountry   $198.95

 EpicTV   $198.95

 Camp Saver   $199.00


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