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They conformed like slippers on thin to hand-sized cracks, were aggressive like the Evolv Shaman for the steeps and provided much-needed support on micro edges and small pockets. View more

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Almost immediately I found greater confidence with these shoes on climbs in Rifle that involved small edges and pulling with your toe, using and trusting footholds that I was hesitating with in the past. View more

 10 prices   $73 →190


A high performance tool that is geared toward sending steep routes with small, smeary foot holds that you really need to be able to feel underfoot to stand on confidently. View more

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Tarifa    $95

The toe is very precise, once I got used to it, with enough sensitivity to know I was standing on the best part of the hold, but supportive enough my feet didn’t tire quickly standing on small nubbins. View more

 9 prices   $95 →175



Drago    $110

I’ve found them to be soft, comfortable while also sensitive and precise... But best of all I am feeling things. View more

 10 prices   $110 →200


These shoes were designed aggressive, so tough boulders and overhanging routes are where they can shine. In particular, the heel performance on overhangs and aretes is fantastic. View more

 4 prices   $71 →129


For those who want to test the waters of steep climbing, without going straight to a soft shoe, the Hiangle is the answer. Moderately stiff, the supportive midsole means you can stand on small holds with ease. View more

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Iati    $100

Hits the sweet spot of offering the right amount of sensitivity and precision for most of my sport climbing needs. View more

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Oasi    $98

The Oasi performs really well on steep ground, with the softer sole really allowing you to pull your weight in onto your feet, even on smaller foot holds. View more

 11 prices   $98 →175


It is pointy with a high level of asymmetry (the shoe really emphasizes your big toe) meaning the toes can easily be placed precisely into pockets or onto small edges. All this combined with a down-turned toe means that you can grab edges and pockets with your toes and generate more force through them on steep ground. View more

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Mago    $111

They edge like a boss, which finally is something you’d expect from them. They are very downturned, which drives an incredible amount of power into your toes. View more

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It is one of the rare examples of a shoe that you could boulder in (both indoors and out), redpoint your hardest sport climb in, or head out for a day's trad mileage in. It can - and does - do everything very well. View more

 14 prices   $106 →185


Steep, with poor feet. That’s the name of the game for the Furia S. Use them on anything else and it’s like driving your Ferrari to the supermarket. You could, but why would you? View more

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