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I found the Acro to have a welcome combination of front-pointing exactness and comfort... the shoes felt just as solid when smearing against opposing tufa features thanks in part to their ample flex and sensitivity. View more

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Almost immediately I found greater confidence with these shoes on climbs in Rifle that involved small edges and pulling with your toe, using and trusting footholds that I was hesitating with in the past. View more

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A superb and incredibly precise performer. A good all round edge and smear and steep rock shoe. Not a slab master. View more

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So iLL

Runner    $64


Sensa    $69

... an excellent choice for bouldering outdoors and indoors. It manages to retain the advantages of a soft shoe - sensitivity, maximum contact and flexion - whilst maintaining enough stiffness and precision to perform well on edges, as you would expect from a stiffer shoe. View more

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They conformed like slippers on thin to hand-sized cracks, were aggressive like the Evolv Shaman for the steeps and provided much-needed support on micro edges and small pockets. View more

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Their unique 'love bump' maintains the downturn over the life of the shoe and pushes your big toe forward. In the dark ages, the shoes that edged the best were the ones that fit the tightest. Those terrible days of foot binding torture are gone, and now cleverly designed midsoles, and love bumps allow you to stay snug in the front of the shoe without bone crushing pain. View more

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At one point last year, I decided to count how many top ten finishers in the men's and women's bouldering world cup wore Five Ten Hiangles. Of the twenty top plastic pebble wrestlers in the IFSC world circuit, six were in Hiangles. That was by far the most popular shoe amongst the elite athletes. A couple months earlier, I picked up a pair for myself and I fell in love. View more

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Agro    $98

It is a real boss when it comes to overhanging climbing and is a must have for anyone who specializes in toe hooks or engaging steep bouldering/sport climbing terrain. View more

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The toe is very precise, once I got used to it, with enough sensitivity to know I was standing on the best part of the hold, but supportive enough my feet didn’t tire quickly standing on small nubbins. View more

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The edging power is spot on. It might not be the best slab shoe, but I’ve not had any problems there either. For hard bouldering or sport on small footholds: an absolute beast! View more

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Stix    $84


Oasi    $104

The Oasi performs really well on steep ground, with the softer sole really allowing you to pull your weight in onto your feet, even on smaller foot holds. View more

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