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At one point last year, I decided to count how many top ten finishers in the men's and women's bouldering world cup wore Five Ten Hiangles. Of the twenty top plastic pebble wrestlers in the IFSC world circuit, six were in Hiangles. That was by far the most popular shoe amongst the elite athletes. A couple months earlier, I picked up a pair for myself and I fell in love... They've got a good downturn, and ample rubber on the top of the toes, which makes them great for climbing on overhung terrain. Toe hooks and bicycles are a fun with these. I found them to edge well on little holds and that famous Stealth rubber stuck well in smeary situations. Frankly, I think these are awesome all around high performance shoes. The Short Beta

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 Mountain Steals   $81.99

 BananaFingers   $95.43

 Camp Saver   $99.00

 Steep & Cheap   $104.95

 Adidas   $105.00

 Backcountry   $124.95

 GearX   $150.00


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