Shaman 2 $91

Their unique 'love bump' maintains the downturn over the life of the shoe and pushes your big toe forward. In the dark ages, the shoes that edged the best were the ones that fit the tightest. Those terrible days of foot binding torture are gone, and now cleverly designed midsoles, and love bumps allow you to stay snug in the front of the shoe without bone crushing pain. The Shamans fit right in with the modern arsenal of high-end shoes that combine performance and comfort. They are excellent on steep angles. However, our testers found them lacking on more technical, vertical terrain. OutdoorGearLab

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 EpicTV   $90.74

 BananaFingers   $110.44

 Camp Saver   $119.00

 Backcountry   $127.46

 Alpenglow   $159.95

 GearX   $160.00

 Gear Coop   $170.00


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