Booster S $87

A superb and incredibly precise performer. A good all round edge and smear and steep rock shoe. Not a slab master... They feel like a soft shoe (the centre section of the sole is not a thick rubber but a very flexible orange rubber section) but do offer support when needed, mainly due to the 'asymmetrical support ribbon' which kind of shoves the foot forward (comfortably-ish!) like throwing your weight over the front wheel of a motorbike, giving you power and control. UKC

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 EpicTV   $86.85

 Camp Saver   $99.00

 Bentgate   $99.99

 Gear Coop   $142.46

 Trekkinn   $155.95

 OMCgear   $156.04

 Backcountry   $189.95


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