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As the weather conditions worsened, we spent a fair bit of climbing on Tonsai Roof which stayed mostly dry. Here is where the Shadows really come out into the light... View more

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Drago    $110

I’ve found them to be soft, comfortable while also sensitive and precise... But best of all I am feeling things. View more

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Sensa    $87

Steep, with poor feet. That’s the name of the game for the Furia S. Use them on anything else and it’s like driving your Ferrari to the supermarket. You could, but why would you? View more

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... an excellent choice for bouldering outdoors and indoors. It manages to retain the advantages of a soft shoe - sensitivity, maximum contact and flexion - whilst maintaining enough stiffness and precision to perform well on edges, as you would expect from a stiffer shoe. View more

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They smear well and are still stiff, they heel hook and toe hook and fit like a glove plus they are very adept at sticking like a limpet to the tiniest of foot holds. Even on stupidly steep stuff. They have lasted six months or more whereas I usually blow through a more expensive shoes in three or four months. So yes, I love them. It's Voodoo weirdness. View more

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Furia    $107

The Vegas are not great if you need to stand on small chips for long periods of time because toe and calf fatigue do become an issue, but smear with confidence because your feet will stick to almost anything. View more

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