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Team 5.10 $100

The Team 5.10 are extremely downturned. This feature makes them great for grabbing and pulling in on feet, especially on overhung rock. The shape also really focuses the foot’s pushing power onto one small point at the tip of the big toe. The result is a shoe that grabs the rock better than any other I’ve experienced. Climbing in these shoes feels about as close to having hands for feet as possible. There is downside to this extreme shape and that is that standing on parts of the shoe, other than the focused toe point, can feel a bit awkward. The shape also makes these shoes a poor choice for any terrain that is less than vertical. Squamish Climbing Magazine

 4 prices   $100 →115

 Alpenglow   $99.83

 Mountain Steals   $100.99

 Steep & Cheap   $104.97

 Backcountry   $114.97


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