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Kira    $25

Whether you climb in the gym or outside, the Kira is a solid all-around shoe that won’t let you down. It’s a good intermediate shoe (in price and performance) that’s a step up from an absolute all-around, like the Evolv Elektra, but is far less aggressive than the Evolv Shaman. View more

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Defy    $40

Their unique 'love bump' maintains the downturn over the life of the shoe and pushes your big toe forward. In the dark ages, the shoes that edged the best were the ones that fit the tightest. Those terrible days of foot binding torture are gone, and now cleverly designed midsoles, and love bumps allow you to stay snug in the front of the shoe without bone crushing pain. View more

 7 prices   $91 →170



Agro    $98

It is a real boss when it comes to overhanging climbing and is a must have for anyone who specializes in toe hooks or engaging steep bouldering/sport climbing terrain. View more

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Addict    $65

The Addict is a great all around shoe that really stretches and forms to the climbers feet. Consistent tension from the toe to heel make the Addict a great vertical and slab climbing shoe. View more

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Shakra    $113

Right out of the box I loved the way the Shakra fit. The shoe’s design positions your toes for high performance without the pain of having to downsize. A pronounced bump curved up under my toes filled dead space and gave me a secure fit, while the Knuckle Box created space for my big toe to bend. The Evolv Shakra is a moderately downturned, asymmetric shoe delivering both performance and comfort. View more

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X1    $97

These soft shoes are very sensitive, adding some versatility to such an aggressive shoe. If you haven't sized them painfully tight, you won't be totally out of luck when the climbing gets low angle and techy. They aren't as sensitive as the mega soft Scarpa Dragos, but we prefer a little more support for all the granite climbing in our Eastern Sierra testing zone. The Trax SAS rubber is super soft and sticking. Curiously, all the cat hair in our lead tester's house stuck to 4.2mm of rubber on the bottom of these shoes. View more

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Skyhawk    $55


Elektra    $62


Kronos    $91

The flexible mid sole allowed for great smearing, while the stiff rubber around the toe, and the slightly down-turned design still made for a great edging shoe. I thought the extra rubber over the toe box was also great for toe hooking. View more

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Oracle    $126

Because of their downturned shape, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to edge on vertical face. But edge they did—I could do hand-foot matches on fingernail edges, without the sole popping off. View more

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Supra    $105

The Supra is a quality work-horse sport-climbing shoe. The shape of the shoe focuses support towards the front of the inside edge, which makes the Supra feel precise when working with the front of your toes, like you would with pockets or edges of a certain shape and orientation. View more

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Spark    $52


Ashima    $120


Defy    $62


Kira    $91


Nikita    $51

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