Supra $105

The Supra is a quality work-horse sport-climbing shoe. The shape of the shoe focuses support towards the front of the inside edge, which makes the Supra feel precise when working with the front of your toes, like you would with pockets or edges of a certain shape and orientation. This is more noteworthy when you consider the Supra’s relatively modest downturn — it isn’t the surgical tool that the Sportiva Solution, Scarpa Instinct VS, or Evolv Agro are, but it also fits more casually than those shoes, making it an easier choice for long days at the crag with friends, or regular gym sessions. BLISTER

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 BananaFingers   $104.54

 Camp Saver   $105.00

 Backcountry   $112.46

 Alpenglow   $149.95

 Gear Coop   $150.00


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