Shakra $113

Right out of the box I loved the way the Shakra fit. The shoe’s design positions your toes for high performance without the pain of having to downsize. A pronounced bump curved up under my toes filled dead space and gave me a secure fit, while the Knuckle Box created space for my big toe to bend. The Evolv Shakra is a moderately downturned, asymmetric shoe delivering both performance and comfort. The Shakras are similar to the Evolv Shaman, only built on a more flexible midsole with a narrower female friendly last. These shoes aren’t the most supple shoes I’ve ever worn, but the mid-range stiffness was great for more vertical (less steep) adventures. Ample toe and heel rubber provide options for fancy bouldering footwork. Evening Sends

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 BananaFingers   $112.58

 Camp Saver   $119.00

 Backcountry   $127.46

 GearX   $159.95

 Gear Coop   $170.00


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