Kai Shaman $160

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    Ashima    $120


    Oracle    $126

    Because of their downturned shape, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to edge on vertical face. But edge they did—I could do hand-foot matches on fingernail edges, without the sole popping off. View more

     6 prices   $126 →180


    Their unique 'love bump' maintains the downturn over the life of the shoe and pushes your big toe forward. In the dark ages, the shoes that edged the best were the ones that fit the tightest. Those terrible days of foot binding torture are gone, and now cleverly designed midsoles, and love bumps allow you to stay snug in the front of the shoe without bone crushing pain. View more

     7 prices   $91 →170



    Shakra    $113

    Right out of the box I loved the way the Shakra fit. The shoe’s design positions your toes for high performance without the pain of having to downsize. A pronounced bump curved up under my toes filled dead space and gave me a secure fit, while the Knuckle Box created space for my big toe to bend. The Evolv Shakra is a moderately downturned, asymmetric shoe delivering both performance and comfort. View more

     5 prices   $113 →170


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