Mago $116

The rubber is very sticky and even when they were pretty new smearing felt OK, again not something I’d expect from a stiffer shoe. And of course, they edge like a boss, which finally is something you’d expect from them. They are very downturned, which drives an incredible amount of power into your toes. This did make them uncomfortable while standing on big ledges at rests since your foot fights curve of shoe. This wasn’t an issue while climbing and toeing into small edges, which they do with a precision that would make a top eye surgeon jealous. Splitter Choss

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 BananaFingers   $115.80

 Trekkinn   $134.95

 EpicTV   $184.95

 Backcountry   $184.95

 Camp Saver   $185.00

 Bentgate   $190.00


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