Instinct VS $113

It is one of the rare examples of a shoe that you could boulder in (both indoors and out), redpoint your hardest sport climb in, or head out for a day's trad mileage in. It can - and does - do everything very well... The VS features a 2/3rds sole unit, which provides a good degree of balance between support and sensitivity. The toe has a healthy amount of rubber on the top, not to mention something that is quite rare for shoes in this review - ridges. These ridges definitely add a noticeable amount of grip to the VS whilst toe hooking, catching on crystals, edges, and rugosities where a smooth sided toe might not. UKC

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 BananaFingers   $112.58

 Trekkinn   $155.95

 Travel Country   $169.95

 US Outdoor   $174.95

 Bentgate   $174.95

 OMCgear   $184.95

 EpicTV   $184.95

 Backcountry   $184.95

 Camp Saver   $185.00


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