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The Ozones are an excellent 'jack of all trades' shoe. They're stiff enough for edging, have enough flex for smearing, and whilst they are really comfortable they fit precisely enough for heel hooks and other technical shenanigans. View more

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Oxi QC    $75


Oxi    $89


Ninja    $81

If you rely on heel hooks then you will find the Boreal Ninja just up your street. They never moved a millimetre on even the most aggressive of heel hook moves. View more

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Comfort on easy climbs is where this shoe shines. The Gripit performed well for young climbers but did have some shortcomings in the performance department. Our testers had trouble on slabs and cracks, as well as edging. The soft sole, while super comfy, just doesn't have the structure needed for most climbers to use on technical terrain. View more

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Addict    $65

The Addict is a great all around shoe that really stretches and forms to the climbers feet. Consistent tension from the toe to heel make the Addict a great vertical and slab climbing shoe. View more

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Piki    $38


Oxi S    $83

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