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Ozone    $93

The Ozones are an excellent 'jack of all trades' shoe. They're stiff enough for edging, have enough flex for smearing, and whilst they are really comfortable they fit precisely enough for heel hooks and other technical shenanigans. View more

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For those who want to test the waters of steep climbing, without going straight to a soft shoe, the Hiangle is the answer. Moderately stiff, the supportive midsole means you can stand on small holds with ease. View more

 5 prices   $96 →165


The lack of an edge allows you to be much less precise with your feet and get away with it but prevents precision foot placement on edges. View more

 5 prices   $130 →185


A high performance tool that is geared toward sending steep routes with small, smeary foot holds that you really need to be able to feel underfoot to stand on confidently. View more

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Agro    $98

It is a real boss when it comes to overhanging climbing and is a must have for anyone who specializes in toe hooks or engaging steep bouldering/sport climbing terrain. View more

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X1    $97

These soft shoes are very sensitive, adding some versatility to such an aggressive shoe. If you haven't sized them painfully tight, you won't be totally out of luck when the climbing gets low angle and techy. They aren't as sensitive as the mega soft Scarpa Dragos, but we prefer a little more support for all the granite climbing in our Eastern Sierra testing zone. The Trax SAS rubber is super soft and sticking. Curiously, all the cat hair in our lead tester's house stuck to 4.2mm of rubber on the bottom of these shoes. View more

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Satori    $70


Satori    $97

... a secret weapon which excel at poor footholds on steep ground, although this comes at a sacrifice of performance on other angles. View more

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So iLL

Runner    $64

They conformed like slippers on thin to hand-sized cracks, were aggressive like the Evolv Shaman for the steeps and provided much-needed support on micro edges and small pockets. View more

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Mutant    $88

Even with a single quick close Velcro strap, I have no trust issues with smearing and small foot holds. I know when my foot cranks down, the Mutant will remain tight, secure, and in place. View more

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The edging power is spot on. It might not be the best slab shoe, but I’ve not had any problems there either. For hard bouldering or sport on small footholds: an absolute beast! View more

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Stix    $84

As a boulderer, the Sirius is my go-to shoe. It offers precision and stability, whilst the flexible midsole helps the shoe perform on a range of angles. The reinforced laces give you every last drop of snug fit, and it has the same superb rubber as the rest of the range. View more

 3 prices   $128 →160



Rebel QC    $69

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