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They have live up to their reputation as 'edging machines', without forfeiting performance on crack and slab. View more

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Undoubtedly one of the best traditional climbing shoes I have ever worn. They are comfortable, offer great protection while jamming and edge powerfully. View more

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Whether I was pumping out limestone sport pitches, or dicing my way up sandstone slabs, or heel- and toe-hooking sandy boulder problems at Joe’s Valley, I was impressed with the shoe’s edging power. Small dishes, smears, pockets, and nubbins were no problem. View more

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... the Otaki is well suited towards hanging around on small holds/edges (i.e. trad climbing) or using even smaller edges to move quickly and efficiently upwards to the lower-off (i.e. sport climbing). The stiffness and support that the boot offers makes it quite versatile, particularly for the UK climber, as it is well suited towards a wide variety of different angles from edgy slabs, through vertical walls, to gently overhanging terrain. View more

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If you're after an edge, look no further; if you're after sensitivity it's probably best to look elsewhere. Unashamedly focussed on the trad/sport climber who primarily climbs on vertical ground... View more

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Whenever I need to stand on tiny little nothings, I'll reach for the Katakis. View more

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Vapor    $100

This is the best trad climbing shoe I’ve worn in a long time. View more

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Edging on a dime' finally had meaning to me, and I quickly learned to trust holds that previously felt impossible to use. View more

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Arpia    $109

They edge well and because they’re not too stiff, smear like you wouldn’t believe... this shoe had me standing on sandstone smears like they were giant edges. View more

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The asymmetric toe box and slingshot heel give the power, whilst the stiff last offers support as it is one solid piece. The fact that they are comfortable too just adds to their quality, I can wear these shoes for long stretches without having to take them off. View more

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RA    $105

On the thin edges of granite slabs of Boulder Canyon and Vedauwoo, I was able to stand strong and confidently while figuring out the next move or clipping a bolt. In Eldo, Lumpy and Moab, the Ras stuffed into cracks and provided ample support. View more

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