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Focus $107

If you're after an edge, look no further; if you're after sensitivity it's probably best to look elsewhere. Unashamedly focussed on the trad/sport climber who primarily climbs on vertical ground, this isn't a shoe for the boulderer (or those focussing on steeper ground), or - at least in our opinion - those operating at the top end, as the lack of sensitivity will be an issue. UKC

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 EpicTV   $107.20

 BananaFingers   $128.15

 Camp Saver   $134.93

 Gear   $179.95

 Backcountry   $179.95

 GearX   $179.95

 Moosejaw   $179.95

 Outdoorplay   $179.95

 Got Your Gear   $179.95

 Black Diamond   $179.95

 Mountain Gear   $179.95


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