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Otaki $180

Whether I was pumping out limestone sport pitches, or dicing my way up sandstone slabs, or heel- and toe-hooking sandy boulder problems at Joe’s Valley, I was impressed with the shoe’s edging power. Small dishes, smears, pockets, and nubbins were no problem... In a time when climbing shoes are trending towards specialization and specific use cases, the Otakis stand out as a legitimate high-end all-around option. It sure does simplify life to be able to rely on one pair of shoes pretty much everywhere I go. Evening Sends

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 EpicTV   $180.00

 GearX   $180.00

 Mountain Gear   $180.00

 OMCgear   $180.00

 Bentgate   $180.00

 Gear Coop   $180.00

 Backcountry   $185.00

 Moosejaw   $185.00

 La Sportiva   $185.00


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