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Kataki $170

Whenever I need to stand on tiny little nothings, I'll reach for the Katakis... Right out of the box, I could feel a pronounced difference in the Kataki's aggressive, downturned toe—the shoe shaped my foot into a curled talon more so than any pair of Miuras ever did. This talon shape is what makes the Kataki shine when you need to toe-in on a thin edge to keep your body close to the rock, or focus all your weight precisely onto a tiny crystal that's so small you can hardly see it. Alpinist

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 US Outdoor   $170.00

 Backcountry   $175.00

 Moosejaw   $175.00

 GearX   $175.00

 Bentgate   $175.00

 EpicTV   $175.00

 La Sportiva   $175.00


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