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The Vegas are not great if you need to stand on small chips for long periods of time because toe and calf fatigue do become an issue, but smear with confidence because your feet will stick to almost anything. View more

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As a boulderer, the Sirius is my go-to shoe. It offers precision and stability, whilst the flexible midsole helps the shoe perform on a range of angles. The reinforced laces give you every last drop of snug fit, and it has the same superb rubber as the rest of the range. View more

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The edge provides precision and the stiffness allows for quite a lot of support on the smallest edges... View more

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This shoe is an all-rounder. I've had it out on Peak limestone, gritstone and Fontainebleau sandstone. It's as at home on small edges as it is smearing... View more

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The familiar fit of the last and the rubber outsole inspires a lot of confidence while climbing on harder projects. View more

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