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Edging on a dime' finally had meaning to me, and I quickly learned to trust holds that previously felt impossible to use. View more

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The Solution is a surprisingly versatile shoe. Though they look like robot hawk talons designed to catch giant mutant squirrels from the future, they're actually pretty comfortable... When a pitch demands a few jams in a flair or a short crack section, the solutions are more than up to the task, excelling in finger cracks and flares thanks to their low toe profile. View more

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Satori    $86


Rocket    $54


Ozone    $73

The Ozones are an excellent 'jack of all trades' shoe. They're stiff enough for edging, have enough flex for smearing, and whilst they are really comfortable they fit precisely enough for heel hooks and other technical shenanigans. View more

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Ninja    $59


Dharma    $99

If you want a high level of performance, enough comfort to wear for a few hours at a time, and an all-around shoe that edges all day, the Dharma will quickly turn into your go-to pair of high-performance but wearable kicks. View more

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Defy    $62

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