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Mad Rock

Lyra    $78

These are aggressively down turned so they'll feel funny to climbers who haven't worn similar shoes before. But this helps to make the precise and confident on small holds once you learn to stay on your big toe or outside edge. View more

 5 prices   $97 →129


They smear well and are still stiff, they heel hook and toe hook and fit like a glove plus they are very adept at sticking like a limpet to the tiniest of foot holds. Even on stupidly steep stuff. They have lasted six months or more whereas I usually blow through a more expensive shoes in three or four months. So yes, I love them. It's Voodoo weirdness. View more

 4 prices   $82 →125


These shoes were designed aggressive, so tough boulders and overhanging routes are where they can shine. In particular, the heel performance on overhangs and aretes is fantastic. View more

 4 prices   $71 →129


Mad Rock

M5    $58

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