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... for long days on multi-pitches, or for users who just prefer a bit of comfort in a hard wearing rock shoe, the Momentum is well worth considering. View more

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Origin    $86


Kira    $71

Whether you climb in the gym or outside, the Kira is a solid all-around shoe that won’t let you down. It’s a good intermediate shoe (in price and performance) that’s a step up from an absolute all-around, like the Evolv Elektra, but is far less aggressive than the Evolv Shaman. View more

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Elektra    $45


Kronos    $71

The flexible mid sole allowed for great smearing, while the stiff rubber around the toe, and the slightly down-turned design still made for a great edging shoe. I thought the extra rubber over the toe box was also great for toe hooking. View more

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Origin    $95


Helix    $75

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